BK LUWO curated an exhibition to showcase the importance of sharing embroidery, knitting and crochet skills in their group. A textile exhibition was placed in the Pitt Rivers Museum Community Case. In preparation for the exhibition, all the members worked on two quilts (which provided the back drop to the display), encompassing BK LUWO’s ethos of togetherness and individual identity. Each member then also brought in objects which represented them and their identity. From baby carriers to parrot earrings the display celebrated BK LUWO in a befitting celebration of colour and diversity.

You can see more images form the BK.LUWO exhibition and other work with BK.LUWO in the image gallery.

bk luwo display
bk luwo display installation
bk luwo display cup
bk luwo quilting
bk luwo display mid installation
bk luwo display dolls
bk luwo display shells
women sitting around a table, looking at the quilt they have made