Syrians Unknown

This exhibition challenges the reduction of displaced people to statistics. Through the lens of photographer John Wreford, people tell their own stories defying the headlines.

I lived in Syria for 10 years; two and a half of those were during the worst part of the conflict in Damascus.

I’d built relationships with people from all walks of life, educated, not so educated, of different religions and political persuasion. These people are now displaced. When war comes, it does not discriminate.

For many it’s simply a case of surviving. Despite barriers, some have found new opportunities and flourished.

My photography shows a few faces within the majority: normal people trying to overcome insurmountable odds.

They aren’t looking for sympathy or help and are uncomfortable with the stigma of being ‘refugees’. They are not seeking special privilege.

John Wreford, Photographer


​See each image in exhibition and read the personal testimonies, stories and poems of each person photographed here.