Family Days

On an on-going basis, the museums host bespoke family days for the Syrian Community and for the women’s group at Refugee Resource during school holidays. 

Key to these days is the co-planning with the group leaders. The group leaders help us plan the activities, food and crafts to ensure that these days meet the needs of the families (for example, helping with travel costs) and are as welcoming as possible. They comprise of trails for the children, prizes, crafts, objects, singing, lunch, and general fun and lot of giggles. They give the families fun things to do with their children in their local area, an introduction to the free holiday activities the museums offer all local families, and a chance to meet with their friends and enjoy a day out. 

The adults help their children around the museum, often pointing out objects of interest (sometimes from their home country) so they share this time and experience together. Then they can relax with their friends over lunch whilst the museum staff support the numerous crafts and activities for the children.

refugee resource family day mask
young girl smiling , making a crown at the family day
refugee resource family day crafts
two boys looking up in a busy room
refugee resource family day
children writing a label in the museum
refugee resource half term family day
3 boys smiling at the camera