Identity Without Borders Celebration Evening

Over the course of an evening, the museum’s collections were awoken by the sounds, beats and words of our amazing performance artists. On 24 June 2017 we hosted a celebration of identity as expressed through dance, music, singing, and poetry. 

We collaborated with Exiled Writer Ink, African Dance Oxford and Confluence Collective a group of local musicians from the world which meet and on the night we had performance by:

  • Belinda Zhawi
  • Amir Darwish
  • Abdol Froushan
  • Gu Feng and Dejan Azdajic
  • Nuzhat  Abbas and Malcolm Atkins
  • Delaram Izadi
  • African dance Oxford
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african dance oxford dancing
Belinda Zhawi
lizzie and nuzhat
Abol Froushan
nuzhat abbas
Amir Darwish
feng and dejan